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The Happy Tree & The Bee – Recommended Children Book

A book about a friendship formed between a bee and a tree where the young tree learns about the pollination process.

Written by C.E. King, Bob the happy tree is confused when Carl the bee appears suddenly and seems to be stealing something from him. This upsets Carl to the point of tears and tries to leave. Feeling remorseful, Bob asks him to stay so they can learn more about each other. The two talk about things that are important to each other and eventually build a lasting friendship. This is a cute tale, showing kids the importance of relationships and how they relate to nature and ecosystems.

The Happy Tree and the Bee is a great addition to any classroom. It teaches on pollination, ecosystem relationships, and is a great tool to begin any fun STEM discussion. Along with STEM focused education, this book also plays an important role in speaking about kindness and forgiveness.

Corey King

Corey King

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Recommended book for librarians

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Recommended book for librarians
A book about a friendship formed between a bee and a tree where the young tree learns about the pollination process.

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The Happy Tree & The Bee – Recommended Children Book
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