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Wales, U.K.

I am a retired primary school teacher living in South Wales, U.K. with my husband and soul mate Norman (a retired lecturer). We have a grown-up son Elliot (a special educational needs teacher) and two young grandsons Noah and Teddy who keep us very well entertained. We have travelled extensively around the world as we are very interested in meeting different people and learning about their cultures. (This is something I can put into my writing.) Peaceful days at the beach in our VW campervan is where much of my writing is done, while my husband keeps the coffee flowing.

My picture books are usually written in rhyme for phonological development, and I use extended vocabulary where possible for language enrichment. I am on a crusade to make picture books ‘cool’ for older primary school children. Yes, they need to move on to chapter books, but picture books are still a fantastic resource as lesson and topic starters. I have used picture books with 11 year old very successfully and they love them. They are actually at an age to really appreciate the beautiful illustrations and choice of particular words. They can also make inferences and find deeper meaning. They can analyze the choices the author makes and discuss how the illustrations support the text etc.

Author: Claire Donald

I love to write, but more importantly, I need to write. It’s therapeutic and good for my wellbeing. I have so many stories and poems whizzing around in my head that I often can’t get the ideas written down quickly enough. I write quickly, then put it aside for a while and start something else. Then I go back and revise it, leave it again and repeat the process until I am happy with it.

My book is specifically structured to be accessible to children 3-11 years. It contains extended vocabulary, so the content grows with the child and they get more from it each time it’s read. ‘Mother Earth is Weeping’ is a little book of hope for Earth’s future guardians. It’s poignant, inspirational, and empowering. It gives children a voice, a say in their future and the future of the Earth.

I love visiting schools to read my books and do writing workshops and teacher training. In addition to writing, I have designed children’s educational games for a leading educational supplier. There is a free teacher/activity pack to accompany the book, available digitally from funnyonionstories@yahoo.com. The books are available from all online bookstores including Amazon.

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