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Author: S.B. Goncarova

S.B. Goncarova is a writer, screenwriter, visual artist and filmmaker. She is the creator of an animated educational children’s TV series called “The Adventures of So-So,” (currently in production) which teaches science and math through musical concepts. She is also the author of several childrens’ books, including “The Secret Code of the Heartbeat Drum,” and “The Curious Case of the Creepy Cave.” Her book “Harnessing Light” won the 2020 N.N. Light Award for Poetry.

As a visual artist, Goncarova has been the grant recipient of the Puffin Foundation and Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. Her visual work can be found in the Archive of Digital Art, Danube University, Austria, PS1 MoMA Contemporary Art Center Digital Archive, The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Art Library, and Rutgers University Special Collections.

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