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Digital Drawing Camps

Where your loved ones can freely learn Digital Drawing & Sketching

In our summer camps, students will delve into the world of digital art, learning how to sketch, paint, and create digitally through our comprehensive video tutorials. They will acquire new skills and elevate their abilities as they master the art of drawing digital characters from beloved franchises such as Pokémon, Avengers, Harry Potter, Disney, Mandalorian, Roblox, Goku (Dragon Ball), Manga, Anime, and explore techniques for creating realistic portraits and much more! This summer, in just 5 days, your loved ones will embark on an exciting journey into the realm of digital drawing and painting. Our live online classes are conducted on iPads, ensuring an immersive experience, and feature a virtual small class ratio, allowing for personalized attention from our professional instructors.

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Students in our Summer Camps

Learning, enjoying & gaining skills from our Digital Art tutorials & classes.

Limitless Learning, more Skills


Also we are Texas, Conroe ISD
Vendor RFP# 20-08-01

Offering cutting edge Career and Technical Education

iPad and/or Desktop

Learn from an iPad or Desktop using Procreate. You can also request virtual classes (Photoshop, Illustrator), and more…

Enrichment Program

Discover digital art, sketching, drawing, animation, motion, 3D/2D, VR/AR, and more…

Virtual Classes & Tutorials

Combination of self-learning (tutorials) & online (virtual classes)


5 Star Reviews

Kids & parents are loving our program and tutorials

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Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn digital media tools and develop technical skills. We look forward to telling you more about our cutting-edge after-school program and benefits. Request more information below:

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    Academic's Choice Smart Media Awards, Texas Independent School District Program Awards, Titan Business Awards, Creative Awards, Recognitions for CreativeOnes Digital Art Academy
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