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Teen Writing Club

Join other teens in this social virtual writing club. This is an ongoing monthly club for writing lovers and those who want to improve their writing craft.

7 students enrolled

Writing Activities Every Week

Word Games

We will kick of each class with fun word games to stimulate the imagination.

Timed Writing Drills

Students will practice getting ideas down fast to encourage the flow of writing in timed writing drills.

Word of the Day

An element of fun will be added through learning a new unique word each class to strengthen vocabulary.

Week 1

Creative Writing Prompts Non-Fiction

In week 1 the class will practice their writing through non-fiction creative writing prompts including personal get-to-know-you questions that the students will write out.

Week 2

Flash Fiction

In week 2 the class will get an overview of the flash fiction genre and write their own flash fiction stories. 

Week 3


In week 3 the class will get poetic through learning about poetry formats and then writing their own poems.

Week 4

Creative Writing Prompts Fiction

In week 4 the class will practice writing through creative writing prompts similar to week 1, but these prompts will focus on fictional scenarios.

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Teen Writing Club

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