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Math Tutoring (9th Grade) Getting Ready on Algebra

Supporting students to dominate Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, and to fill any gaps needed. We help students to learn and master math concepts getting ready for the any State Test.

22 students enrolled

Mathematics has itself been described as an art motivated by beauty. Our tutoring series dives into the concept of math as a Creative Art. We support students to explore and dominate, Pre-algebra, algebra, algebra 2, and/or precalculus, and calculus, helping to fill any gaps needed to gain a strong foundation in Creative Math.

We help students to learn and master the new math concepts that arise in each topic/series getting ready for the State Test. The goal is to ensure student master the necessary topics, to get ready and prepared for any Math test, quiz, and/or assignment. Classes are focused on students’ strengths & weaknesses to move through strategies to level up.

Mapping Curriculum Level

Homework is an essential component of any State test preparation – the more student practice the better their score will be. We developed Curriculum Mapping students’ SAT Practice Test data to create a Personalized Homework Plan with practice problems tailored to their current mastery levels.

Important to information

Our tutoring is non-refundable, with no exception. After understanding the student’s level instructor will suggest if the student needs to move into ongoing or how many hours are needed to accomplish the level needed to be successful in the topic needed.

  • 1-0-1 Private Tutoring.
  • Dedicated Professional Instructor
  • On-site is available by request (cost may vary)
  • Tuition: A total of 4 hours – 2 days/ 2 hours
  • Time: Monday-Friday @ 05:00 pm CT / 06:00 PM ET or Saturday- Sunday (time needs to be requested for availability).
  • Duration: 2 hours class.
  • Zoom: Sent via email after payment.

Tutoring program can be cancelled at any time with no extra or hidden fee within a week in advance. Taken classes are Non-refundable.

Assessment Technologies

Students will take an initial Practice test. This exam is run through our diagnostic to provide a detailed report of your child’s performance in different content areas and question types. The tutor then uses these results to focus the learning program on the specific needs. As the program continues, students will take additional practice tests to ensure progress.

Instructor sent books links once student is enrolled.
For us Mathematics can be defined as an art - is the art of thinking about the universe and modelling it, the art of discovering logical structures beyond the structure of the universe. There's mathematics behind various forms of art, as well there's a special kind of art in many of the mathematical constructs, in their geometrical representations as well in the mental flow of proofs. The golden ratio a base of art, also known as the divine proportion, is a special number (equal to about 1.618) that appears many times in geometry, art, an architecture... As a result the ratio can be found everywhere.
Student can cancel program at any time, but within 2 weeks in advance).

Books we strongly recommend:SAT Math Book: Every SAT Math TopicSAT Secrets Book for the Math 2021/2022 SAT 2021 Math Practice Book 

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Math Tutoring (9th Grade) Getting Ready on Algebra
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