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Winter Camp- Make a Cereal Box using Adobe Illustrator

Take a deep-dive into Adobe Illustrator and learn about package design, logo creation, and copy writing by making your own cereal box in this fun 5-Day Winter Camp!

3 students enrolled

Dates: Winter Camps, 2020
Ages: Teens 13-17 Years Old
Level: Basic to Intermediate
5-Days , 3 hours/ day 
Time:  (Based on time zone)

  • 8am-11am PST
  • 9am-12pm MST
  • 10am-1pm CST
  • 11am-2pm EST

Required: Laptop, computer, or iPad (with Apple Pencil) loaded with Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud. Either PC or Mac computers are fine. Classes will include breaks throughout the three hours each day.

This class will introduce Adobe Illustrator students will create their own mini cereal box to print and assemble at home. This class can be taken by students brand new to Illustrator, as well as those who have already started using Illustrator.

Each class the students will receive instruction on Illustrator’s most used tools including creating documents, managing work spaces, creating shapes and lines, using color pallets and gradients, making pathfinder shapes, creating with the pen tool, using type tools, and saving documents. Students will practice the tools of the day. Then they will focus on the cereal box project which includes the real-life skills of package design, logo creation, and copy writing. By the end students will complete their own cereal box that they can print and assemble at home.

Download Illustrator for Students. Laptop or computer with Adobe Illustrator CC required. iPad with Apple pencil optional.

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  1. Sketch pad or notebook to draw sketches and take notes.
  2. Computer or iPad (with Apple Pencil) loaded with subscription to Adobe Illustrator CC.
  3. Printer and paper to print final coloring book pages is optional to see final product. Card stock or a thick paper is nice to print final coloring pages if available and compatible with your printer.

Adobe Illustrator CC is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and monthly memberships can be purchased. Optional – Adobe Illustrator is now available on the iPad. One Creative Cloud membership allows you to install Adobe Illustrator on both your computer and iPad. If students would like to experience designing from both the computer the iPad they will need a compatible iPad, Apple Pencil, and have Adobe Illustrator for iPad loaded. The instructor will be teaching the majority of the class from a desktop computer.

Still need to sign up to Creative Cloud? Take a look at our guide to the best Adobe Creative Cloud discounts right now, to make sure you get the best price. Read more details here : https://www.creativebloq.com/features/best-laptops-for-photoshop

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students: https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/buy/students.html Required Mac/Windows computer or iPad (with apple Pencil) with at least the minimum requirements for Adobe Creative Suite. Zoom Video Conference Stable Internet WebCam
No, no previous knowledge is needed, just the desire to learn and explore new experiences in a live online virtual room with a professional instructor. T
You can download the software directly from Adobe. Different pricing options are available depending on if you license just Illustrator, or if you get the membership for the entire Adobe Creative Cloud. Make sure you have a student account so you can receive a discount. The same account will allow you to install Illustrator on both your computer and iPad.
iPad Pro (all models), 6/7-generation iPad, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3. You will need an iPad with the Apple Pencil to use Adobe Illustrator on the iPad.
Sketch pad or notebook to draw sketches and take notes. Computer or iPad (with Apple Pencil) loaded with Adobe Illustrator CC Printer and paper to print final cereal box. Card stock or a thick paper is nice to print final product if available and compatible with your printer.



Parent involvement/commitment to this camp is a fair estimate of 10% of your time, and that is mostly on the front end where you will need to download software and project files. Parent involvement includes: 

  • Pre-Camp Set-up– Check hardware requirements, download software, project files, etc. PRIOR to the first day of camp. 
  • Daily Class Set-up/Close– Think of it as a virtual drop-off and pick-up, making certain your student is successfully logged in to each live class session, closes out completely at end of day, and has completed any necessary downloads required for next day activities.  
  • Technical Troubleshooting on your end.


  • Waiting Room will be enabled.The instructor will admit students into the room promptly at the start of class.  
  • Students will only be permitted into the classroom if their FIRST LAST name match the name on file (per registration).
  • Student Audio and Video will be OFF upon entrance to allow students to congregate and settle.
  • Zoom Meeting will be locked once all students are in the classroom; this protects the class from unregistered attendees.
  • The Password sent is the same for each day. Password will be changed only if security has been compromised. 


  • Students will remain muted during class, unless otherwise prompted, to minimize background noise at home.
  • Students video must remain ON during all class sessions, unless otherwise noted.  
  • Do not record our classes, student or parents are not allowed to record any of our classes per student’s privacy and security purpose. 

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Winter Camp- Make a Cereal Box using Adobe Illustrator
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