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Ahvian The Creative

A Comprehensive Bilingual (English/Spanish) Book. A fun-filled book about “Ahvian The Creative” and his best friend Ahrya.

Read, Write, Learn, Draw & Cut

Comprehensive  Bilingual Book  Developing  Creative minds Critical Thinking

bilingual reading

This book instills in families reading time, reading comprehension, cutting, and drawing. It was created to enjoy with the whole family while learning a second language with the trick of deciphering hidden visual elements related to the reading of stories. In our quest to different places, we experience incredible adventures and fantastic stories that together share with your little one.

Developing Visual Perception

This book is filled with numerous stories and visuals that support children in developing visual perception, and comprehension skills that make learning easier. The questions in the text, supported by visual artwork with hidden elements in the book will allow children to move to a deeper understanding and learning. These will lead children of all levels to be involved in rich and absorbing discussions and activities.

Coloring & Cutting

The coloring sheets are used in strategic ways to promote exposure to the language—any language! By viewing the book as a resource for language development, these become another useful tool in your efforts to advance your child’s language ability. The more you can playfully engage with your child in communicating about each image before, during, or after the reading and after coloring and cutting re-creating their own story the more you will assist in supporting their language and comprehension.

Develop critical thinking

Furthermore, as we practice language skills and critical thinking with all children in all stages of their lives we must take advantage of learning opportunities. These will allow them to relate to the knowledge in meaningful ways and use those connections to solve problems.

Let’s Read, Learn, Color, Cut & Create!

This is the story where “Ahvian The Creative” tells about his journeys and discoveries to different places with his dog Ahrya. 

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“Students in my classroom were very happy to learn about color emotions.”


Happy Readers

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“A mi hijo le encanto recortar los personajes y ponerlos en los dibujos que coloreo.”

Tamara Correa

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“It’s great for siblings to work on different activities.”

Talbera Vega

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