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Ahvian The Creative

A Comprehensive Bilingual (English/Spanish) book series and educational items exclusively designed to ignite learning in children and related products that might inspire learning in any room, house, or school. Sparks a lifelong passion for reading, language, art, and storytelling in your child.

Read, Write, Learn, Draw & Cut

Sensory Awareness Creative Minds Emotional Develop Critical Thinking Sensory Skills Learning Catalyst Empathy Cultivator Montessori-inspired Crucial Cognitive Social Intelligence  Emotional Intelligence Holistic Development  Skills Development

bilingual reading

Fostering a love for learning within families, this activity serves as both a learning catalyst and an empathy cultivator. It offers a holistic educational experience, seamlessly blending reading, skill-building, cutting, and drawing. Learning a second language takes you on adventures to diverse places, immersing you in incredible stories that nurture social and emotional intelligence.

Visual Perception

Filled with numerous stories and visuals that support children in developing visual perception, and comprehension skills. The questions are supported by visual artwork with hidden elements in each book allowing children to move to a learning interaction. These will lead children of all levels to be involved in rich and absorbing discussions and activities

Coloring & Cutting

The coloring & cutting section in each book is used in strategic ways to promote exposure to the language —any language! The more you can playfully engage with your child in communicating about each image before, during, or after the reading and after coloring and cutting re-creating their own story the more you will assist in supporting their language and comprehension.

Critical Thinking

Engaging children in language learning and critical thinking is vital for meaningful connections and problem-solving. Active participation fosters language skills and creative thinking, equipping children to tackle challenges confidently. Exploring stories that nurture empathy empowers lifelong learners with curiosity and adaptability.

Let’s Read, Learn, Color, Cut & Create!

This is the story where “Ahvian The Creative” tells about his journeys and discoveries to different places with his dog Ahrya. 

Ready to start this adventure?

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“Students in my classroom were very happy to learn about color emotions.”


“A mi hijo le encanto recortar los personajes y ponerlos en los dibujos que coloreo.”

Tamara Correa

Happy learners

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“It’s great for siblings to work on different activities.”

Talbera Vega

Augmented Reality Experience

Remember: Do not put toys in the nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can cause serious injury or death.


Playing Learning Sensorial Games Bilingual Social Emotions Toys


For your loved ones...


Bellow direct links to Amazon book store.


Find below in word docs the coloring sections. Click and you will be able to download and print.

Print-ready "Ahvian Learning about emotions"

Find below the cutting section, easy to download and print.


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