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12 reviews

Digital Art Classes Drawing & Sketching using Procreate App (Virtual After-School Program)

Digital Graphic Maker On-going Live/Online/Virtual Classes learning sketching & drawing learning special effects using procreate.
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27 students enrolled
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Students enrolled in Digital Art (Drawing & Sketching) program can join virtual classes 1 or 2 times a Week at 5:00PM ET Eastern Time either (Mon or Wed @ 5pm ET) with a dedicated Professional Instructor.  In this on-going program students have access to our self-learning program (Video Tutorials). Student have access to participate in both days or just one day at no extra cost. If student need any other time for class make sure you request to set  class for you.  Our goal is to help students to evolve step-by-step with professional passionate creative instructors.

Using procreate app student will be introduced to learn how to draw and sketch many digital drawings, will learn hot to create character illustrations, cartoons, use and create fur effect, brushes, understand how layers works, colors, shadings, lighting and much more… Student will also level up learning about blending effects, realistic fillings, texture, pattern effects from basic-advanced. We also host fun educational camps for summer and winter breaks. This is a learning program to give students creative skills to use in today’s digital world so they can use those talents productively as they grow older.

It is time to turn the time your child spent watching social media or playing games into practical skills learning digital sketching, 3D/2D drawing, animation, and more.. 

Live/virtual classes, featured program and video tutorials are absolutely fantastic!  _ Clarice Shipen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reasons why students should take Digital Art Classes

  • High-Tech Tools Can Mean Better Prep
    For the Future. Kids learn blue plus red makes purple early in life but playing in Photoshop or Procreate can really reinforce colour theory.
  • Digital Art Instills Discipline
    Dedicating themselves to digital art teaches kids important concepts of discipline. Ongoing commitment and practice are required to improve.
  • Digital Art Improves Academic Achievement 
    Students involved in digital arts have tremendous academic benefits compared to students without exposure to the arts.
  • Digital Art is Efficient, Easier and Forgiving
    It has unlimited ways to exploration and experimental possibilities.
  • Print your Children Digital art
    if you feel like art needs to be tactile to be appreciated, you can always print out the best of the best

Self-learning Video Tutorials (included)

Drawing a digital illustration of Fear Emotion character from Inside-Out movie
12 Lectures
Drawing a digital illustration of VIVO using procreate
12 Lectures
Learn sketch, draw and create an amazing stunning digital art poster illustration of the ENCANTO movie using procreate.
12 Lectures

Digital Art Classes (Drawing / Sketching)

After School Program $190.00

Focusing on practical and creative design for today’s world.

Essential Hardware For Using Procreate
The latest version of the Procreate for iPad app is 4.2.1, and it requires an iPad running iOS 11.1 or newer. That means the latest version of Procreate can run on all five of the iPad models currently on sale from Apple: iPad Pro (12.9-in., 11-in., and 10.5-in. models), iPad (6th Generation, 2018) and iPad Mini 4. Previous iPad models capable of running the latest version of Procreate are iPad Pro 9.7-in., iPad 5th Generation (2017), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 2 and 3. Older versions of Procreate run on many older iPad models. To get the full, up-to-date Procreate experience, you’ll want to have one of the two iPad models that arrived in November 2018: the 12.9-in. or 11-in. iPad Pro. These two models are the only devices compatible with the new Apple Pencil.
The Benefits Of Using Procreate
Procreate makes it easy to organize your artwork in a gallery format familiar to Photoshop users; import files from other devices and locations; use hand gestures to zoom in and out of your artwork and undo changes to work. You can also perform professional-level compositing and adjustment of layers and generally create and develop your artwork at a speed that can keep up with your imagination. Perhaps most important to many seasoned professionals, Procreate offers easy integration with existing workflows — you can move back and forth between other apps and platforms as required by your preferred methods, your clients, or the needs of a specific project. There are other professional-grade digital art apps available, but at the moment none match the power, flexibility, and complete functionality and feature-set of Procreate.
Are safe Self-Learning Tutorials included in On-going classes?
Yes they are included and here a few of the of the Benefits of our Tutorials:
– No video Advertisement
– Safe learning experience
– Learn digital techniques
– Safe for schools environment
– Structure content curriculum
– Specific for students ages & levels
– Question enable in each tutorial
– Content control restricted for kids
– Distraction advertising Free
– Drawing warm-up exercises available
– Sketch line-art guide to be downloaded
What are the Academic Achievement?
Academic Achievement
– Sketch, Paint & Create Digitally
– Create Comics Graphic Novels
– Draw digital Illustrations
– Learn Procreate App
– Create digital graphics
– Learn 3D/2D drawing tips & tricks
– Learn how to draw digital characters from Pokémon, Avengers, Harry Potter, Disney, Mandalorian, Roblox, Goku from Dragon Ball, Manga, Anime, Realistic Portraits techniques and many others…
12 reviews
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Digital Art Classes Drawing & Sketching using Procreate App (Virtual After-School Program)
12 reviews
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Duration 50 min, 1/wk, Live/Online & Virtual
Lectures 22
Video 50 min, 1/wk, Live/Online & Virtual
Level Beginner
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